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Rev. Marcus Jackman

Lead Pastor Chapin Presbyterian ChurchPastoral Staff
Work Phone: 803-345-0500

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Marcus and Susan Jackman come to us from Muncie, Indiana. They were married in 2004 and have three beautiful children.

Marcus describes his upbringing as “liberal-humanism.” In the mid 90’s, aware that he was lacking something, Marcus visited several churches including Westminster PCA in Muncie. There, for the first time he could recall, he heard the Word of God and Gospel of Grace. He came to know the magnificent sweet Glory of Christ at Westminster, professed faith in Jesus and joined the church. Since then he has served 6 years as a Deacon and 10 years as a Ruling Elder.

As a college student Marcus obtained a position at the campus radio station. Upon leaving academia he pursued a career in broadcasting at that same radio station. God blessed his professional pursuit and in 2006 he was named General Manager. As GM he supervised a staff of 14 professionals, 10 students, and dozens of volunteers.

At Westminster Presbyterian, Marcus helped set a new vision and mission statement for the church, shaping and directing its ministries. He also led the Session’s work in church discipline, being blessed to see repentance and restoration in several cases through speaking difficult truths in love. He also moderated congregational meetings over contentious issues, and was a substitute moderator serving on a commission at the Presbytery level.

Eight years ago, with the support of the session at Westminster, Marcus felt the conviction to change his career path and answer the Lord’s call to full-time pastoral ministry. He entered the PCA’s LAMP Seminary and pursued his Masters of Divinity.

Marcus is a lover of God’s Word and a passionate preacher of the Gospel, desiring that all our corporate worship be rich, authentic and genuine, engaging the whole self—heart, mind, and body—in true doctrine and devotion. He has a particular burden for the men of Christ’s church and wishes to encourage their growth as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the Kingdom of God. He is committed to missions to evangelize and serve, and also as a way for the church to be challenged, learning from the men and women of God in other locations and areas where we serve.

Marcus has his M.Div. from the PCA’s LAMP seminary, a Bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude) from Missouri University, a Master’s degree from Minnesota State-Mankato, and has completed all coursework toward a PhD in English Literature at Ball State University.

In addition to faithful, authentic preaching of the Gospel of Christ to the hearts of His people, and ministering to their needs, Marcus wishes to help Chapin grow (functionally in grace and joy, as well as numerically) by God’s grace through encouraging, equipping, and developing shepherds and leaders, both present and future.

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